James A. Alongi D.M.D., P.C.


There are new studies emerging constantly! 

The NY Post has published an article that is most interesting! According to British researchers, "Bacteria linked to gum disease traveled to the brains of people with Alzheimer's, suggesting dental hygiene might play a role in the memory-robbing illness".

The article states bacterium known as Porphyromonas gingivalis were found in four of ten brain tissue samples of Alzheimer's patients, while no signs were found in ten brains from people of a similar age without dementia.

Remember, don't underestimate your dental health! 

The first step is a periodontal evaluation...

A most daunting decision that many people are forced to grapple with is: Should I remove my natural teeth and get dental implants or can my natural teeth be saved by a periodontist?

This dilemma arises on a daily basis in my practice of periodontics. 

The first thing which must be performed is a thorough periodontal examination.  Once the level of periodontal disease is ascertained through clinical and radiographic examination, a diagnosis and prognosis for your individual care can be given.

Many patients are led to believe that there is no option except extraction of the natural tooth or teeth, bone grafting and regeneration of the extraction sites, and then a dental implant placed.

While there is merit to this treatment in certain cases, it is not and should not be the only option given to a patient.

There are many cases where a tooth or teeth with fifty percent bone loss can be saved with advanced periodontal surgical grafting and regeneration techniques, be maintained, and function for many years as shown by numerous studies and in my own practice.

Again that is not to say that there are no indications for dental implants, as I diagnose the need and perform dental implants in my practice of periodontics. However, only through careful examination by the periodontist can a treatment plan be formulated and then discussed with the patient for the most comprehensive and advantageous outcome.

I am available to discuss any of your periodontal or dental implant concerns in both my Garden Cty, N.Y. and Ridgewood (Queens) N.Y. locations.